maandag 14 september 2009

Gadget Spotting

Haaii everyone ..

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We've found the most coolest gadgets for you!

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Our top 10:


Keep your data close to your heart and covered in bling with Swarovski's clever charm with a hidden jump drive for stealing files (or just downloading party pics off friends 'lapotops, for us NON spys).

The Beotime clock is the modern and most sophisticated way of being on time. It is designed by Steffen Schmelling and sold under Bang & Olufsen. Despite its long rod style, it is easy to place even on the edge of your window just near your bed (if your bed is near the window of course) or simply place it on your bedside table if you have one.


Designed by a woman who loves NASCAR, rock 'n roll, and a good Texas hunt, Ladybuds provide woman the oppurtunity to combat noise and hearing loss in an entirely new way. Through their fun and fearless combination of high-fashion earrings and reusable noise-cancelling earplugs, Ladybuds do what conventional ear protection fails to do; they make it cool to take care of your ears!
Perfect for ladies who love rock concerts, NASCAR, airplane travel, sporting clays, snoring husbands, or anything fun that involves lots of noise!
No more fiddling around in your purse or pockets for your elusive earplugs.

Each pair of Ladybuds are lovingly made in New York City using beautiful Swarovski crystals, Gold-fill and Sterling silver earhooks, and high-end silicone earplugs from HearTech.

USB Flash Drives with micro pump. When you put something on the USB, he blows himself up, you can see how much memory ther is left.


Have you ever got into the shower and it was very cold? With this gadget, there are no more surprises for you. The shower has different colours of light that react on the tempereture. Now you know how warm the shower is when you wanted to shower.


This solar-powered leather tote uses a two-sided design with solar panels on one and a front pocket that tabs down with collar studs on the other. With a roomy interior, the bag can hold al your essentials and collect solar energy to charge cellphones and Ipods.


Proof that the future is finally here: fashion and comfort have merged. These Mary Janes are just one of several collapsible heels that have hit the market. Go from stilettos to kitten heels in a few clicks.


The remember ring, you will never forget a date! When a year past by, the ring will glow, so you know that today is the day!

A lovely spot for your tissues to live while in your purse or pocket, our Tissue Pochette is made from gorgeously shiny and supple leather and is just the right size to accommodate an individual pack of Kleenex.


Create your very own coatrack daily routine. Coming home and your mantelwaetcher welcomes you, mantelwaechter liven up you coatrack monotony and stay faithfully.